I have decided that spending the entire night reading Doctor Who novels isn’t great for my already uncontrollable imagination…

Okay so last night I didn’t sleep at all, because I was scared of the noises in spare room. So to keep me occupied I decided to start reading my new book - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary book called The Silent Stars Go By.

And I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. And now I feel weird. I feel like the events of that story actually happened to me, like I was there and it all happened last night. I feel like last night I was chased all over Hereafter by Ice Warriors in the snow, with Bel, Samewell, Vesta, and of course the Doctor and the Ponds. And I feel like everyone else should know what happened too, like I expected my mother to remember what happened in the book this morning when I heard her getting ready for work at about 6:00 and told her about it.

I think a combination of a very very over active imagination and not having slept since Tuesday has made me go a bit crazy, because now I’m genuinely convinced that the story I read last night was real and lived through it. 

I think I need to sleep.